Leadership Programs
Capsule 1: (2 day workshop)
Developing the Basics in Potential Leaders

Day 1


Introduction to Leadership Who is a leader?
  What is leadership?
  Are leaders born or made?
Traits of Successful Leaders Desire to lead
  Commitment to organizational goal (mission / vision / values)
  Integrity / sincerity / consistency
Understanding Role of a Leader Difference between Management Skills vs. Leadership Skills
  Perceptions of Leaders
How Personality affects Ability Personality styles/matrix
  Managing emotions and influencing people

Day 2


Leadership Styles Characteristics of Leadership styles
  Advantages and disadvantages
  How to flex each style
Leading the Team Creating a Sense of Purpose
  Understanding the Team Developing Stages
  Leadership Approach
Delegation Delegate What and to Whom
  When Delegating Works and does not work
  How to Delegate Successfully
Mentoring What is Mentoring?
  What to Consider before Mentoring?
  Structuring the Mentor-Mentee Relationship

Capsule 2: (4 weeks course – 1 day per week)
Developing the Basics in Potential Leaders
Designed to develop an organization's current and future leaders
The approach and methodology ensures learning by doing for quantitative and measurable results.
Self Assessment: Before the program begins
Purpose: - to set individual goals
  - to measure what leaders know (and need to know) about
effective leadership behavior.
Based on the results, course content will be designed
  Participants need to attend the workshop once every week
  Space between weeks provides opportunity to practice/reinforce
new skills
Self Assessment: Retake at the end of the program – purpose is to measure
skills learned
The behavioral skills: Correlation to eight leadership Competencies that are
critical to leaders
  Competencies provide a means of looking at on-the-job
behaviors that differentiate the "best from the rest"
The course structure: Week 1 Coaching & Mentoring
    Communicating Effectively
  Week 2 Influencing & Negotiating
    Managing Change
  Week 3 Managing Performance
    Setting Goals and Standards
  Week 4 Resolving Conflict
    Problem Solving & Decision Making
Participants: Minimum – 12 participants
  Maximum – 24 participants

Two day workshop
Leadership – a man of Influence
Day 1 S 1: What is Leadership About, Anyway?
  An introduction
  S 2: My Leadership Journey
My own experiences in leadership
  S 3: Vision in Life
  Knowing where you're headed in life
  S 4: Courage to Stand
  Standing up for what you believe in
Day 2 S 5: Integrity in Leadership
  Becoming a man of your word
  S 6: Self-Discipline
  Disciplining yourself to reach your goals
  S 7: Developing a Lifestyle of Learning
  Learning that should never end
  S 8: Leading by Example
  The great impact of WHO you are
  S 9: True Leadership
  What leadership REALLY is!

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